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International Conference on Economics and Business Information
19 to 20 April 2016 in Berlin

What is it all about?

This conference wants to address issues relating to economics and business information. The topics range from content management in a digital age to staff development issues and even strategic development of new services.

Main topics

  • Research Data
  • eBook strategies
  • Current Research Information Systems (CRIS)
  • Reshaping of skills and structures
  • Research support
  • Open Access Gold

Who should go there?

The main target group are librarians and other information specialists supporting researchers in Economics and Business Studies.

What’s so special about INCONECSS?

The uniqueness of the conference lies in its international scope in combination with the focus on economics:

  • bringing together best practices from different countries,
  • establishing a platform for stimulating discussion,
  • exchanging opinions,
  • helping participants to improve and enhance their local services.

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